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AccqCorp Management Group

Web Page Updated: August 7, 2019

Headquartered on the 10th Floor of Marsland Centre in Uptown Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, the AccqCorp Management Group is currently comprised of our Executive Management Team, Intake Centre Staff, and Clinic Administration Staff.

AccqCorp Executive Management Team:
Nick Tadross, Dana Tadross, Vanessa Yon, Christa Martin, Nancy Beechey, Jennifer Chandler, Stacey Schneider, Steve Domotor

Nick Tadross

President & CEO

Nick has over 20 year’s work experience directly relating to the founding, strategic development, accreditation, and operational management of sleep disorder diagnostic and treatment centres. As an entrepreneur, he designed a proprietary software system in 2003 called AccqTrak (Accreditation Quality Tracking Systems) which is deployed between all sites to effectively manage multiple operational areas.

Past positions include serving as Technical Director & General Manager (1997-2009). He formed the Accqcorp Management Group (AMG) in 2010 to directly manage the operations of multiple sleep labs in Ontario, Canada.  He presently serves as member of the Quality Advisory Committee (QAC).

Nick is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario (Bachelor Of Science 1994) and earned his RPSGT credential from the BRPT in 1999. He is past Chair & President of the SJK Foundation (2011-2014), a not for profit organization, supporting St. John’s-Kilmarnock School, a co-educational, independent day school serving the Region of Waterloo and Guelph area. He presently serves as a Board of Director for the National Ski Academy (NSA), a not for profit registered charity established in 1986 to provide an environment for student athletes to maximize individual potential through the pursuit of alpine ski racing excellence, academic achievement, and personal growth.  In addition, he also presently serves as a Board of Director to the Alpine Ski Club with dual roles as Director of Snow Programs (Instructional and Racing) and Director of Safety.

Dana Tadross

Patient Education & Community Outreach Services (Health & Wellness)

Dana is a Registered Nurse with over 15 years’ experience in Emergency and Trauma nursing. She retired from Emergency Nursing at the University of Western Ontario (LHSC) to relocate to the K-W area with her husband in 2000.

Along with her passion for nursing, health and wellness education, and athletics (former elite athlete who competed at the Junior Olympics in Swimming), she continues with her passion for sport while helping with community education focusing on Sleep Disorders.  This includes events and educational programs pertaining to the importance of sleep in their overall health and wellness.  In addition, she also provides education in the area of Sleep & Athletic Performance.

Dana formerly served on the Parent’s Council for the National Ski Academy (NSA) under the portfolio of Student/Athlete Health & Wellbeing where her daughter presently attended as a student athlete (NSA Alumnus 2016).

Vanessa Yon

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Vanessa Yon joined the Accqcorp Management Group (AMG) in 2010.  She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Guelph and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management. She is a designated Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) in accordance with the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA).

Vanessa has extensive experience in managing HR strategies for corporate and sleep lab operations, strategic planning, and regulatory compliance. Through prior experience from the home care industry, she is focused on building efficient and effective practices to optimize patient care and growth of the organization. Vanessa manages various strategic projects in addition to her responsibilities to provide overall operational management to Accq Sleep Labs. She also serves as a member of the Quality Advisory Committee (QAC).

Christa Martin

Director, Corporate Development & Operations

Christa is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario with a Degree in Health Science and joined our AccqSleepLabs Paris location in 2001.  She exclusively worked full time as a Collection Technologist (CT) for 10 years, earning her RPSGT credential from the BRPT in 2005.

She then joined our group of AccqScore Scoring Technologists (ST) in 2010 and concurrently served as a Technical Staff Supervisor (TSS) for five years at our AccqSleepLabs Paris location.

In 2015, Christa was welcomed to the AccqCorp Management Group (AMG) as the Senior Manager of Collection Technologists and a member of the Quality Advisory Committee (QAC).

In April 2018, Christa was promoted to the position of Director, Corporate Development & Operations.  In addition to her responsibilities above, she directly manages a wide array of corporate development initiatives, operational programs, and systems.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Bio Coming Soon!

Jennifer Chandler

Director, Technical Services – Waterloo, Paris, & Owen Sound Sleep Lab Sites

Jennifer started as a Collection Technologist in 2002 with a Diploma in BioTechnology at our Waterloo lab location earning her RPSGT credential from the BRPT in 2004.  She joined the group of Scoring Technologists (ST) in 2006 and was promoted to Technical Director of all lab sites in 2009. In addition to her responsibilities as Technical Director for multiple sleep lab sites, she leads the AccqScore Team of highly skilled Scoring Technologists.  Jennifer is also a member of the Quality Advisory Committee (QAC).

Nancy Beechey

Director, Clinic Administration Services

Nancy has been with our group for over 20 years with her primary responsibilities being clinic administration management of our sleep laboratories.  As Director, Clinic Administration Services, she is also responsible for Intake Centre (ITC) operations as well as billing administration for sleep laboratories and Sleep Medicine Physicians.  In addition, Nancy is a member of the Quality Advisory Committee (QAC).

Stacey Schneider

Human Resources Coordinator

Stacey originally joined our AccqCorp Management Group in March 2016 as Human Resources Assistant. She is a graduate of Conestoga College obtaining her Certificate of Human Resources Management and Services (2011) followed by a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management (2015) from Humber College. She holds the designation Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) from the HRPA.

Effective May 2018, Stacey accepted her new role as AccqCorp’s Human Resources Coordinator. Stacey is responsible for recruitment, preparing orientation packages and employment documents, ensuring compliance with our company policies and procedures, as well as managing the health and safety of our facilities.


Billing and Clinic Administration Support

Ingrid has been with our group of labs since 1999 and has extensive knowledge in billing administration and transcription services which are provided to our group of specialist physicians practicing in the area of Sleep Medicine.  She also provides on-site clinic administration support for Sleep Medicine Physician clinics.

Steve Domotor

Property and Development Manager

Steve joined the Accqcorp Management Group (AMG) in 2012 and brings with him 30+ years’ experience. Steve is the previous Sheet Metal Manager at BML Multi-Trades, and has extensive experience working in all fields of property management. As the current Property and Development Manager at AccqCorp, Steve is responsible for ensuring each sleep lab is operating according to regulation and surpasses the expectations of each patient that arrives for their sleep study. Steve is a graduate of Mohawk College’s Sheet Metal Apprenticeship Program.

AccqScore : Jen C, Christa, Robyn, Somer, Leila, Cathy, Keri, Malcolm, Jen V, Diane

AccqScore is a specialized division of AccqCorp (AccqSleepLabs) which provides technical data analysis (sleep record scoring).  The service is comprised of a group of 10 highly trained scoring technologists each of whom hold their RPSGT credential from the BRPT.  Seven members of this group have each worked with our facilities for over 15 years. Scoring technologists analyze and prepare technical reports for PSG, PAP, MATRx Oral Appliance, MSLT and MWT studies performed in the sleep laboratory.

Our group of scoring technologists routinely undergo both external (ISR) and internal compliance testing to ensure data analysis needs meet the highest current standards established by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM).

AccqSleepLabs Intake Centre (ITC) : Amy S, Carolina, Jessica, Krista, Natasia, Olivia, Rebecca, Rosie, Victoria (ITC Team Leader)

The AccqSleepLabs Intake Centre, also known as ITC, is staffed by Medical Office Assistants who are specialized in the processing of referrals to our group of sleep laboratories and clinics.  Their role is to coordinate the booking of sleep studies and clinic appointments for patients while providing information on how these medical laboratory procedures are performed in our licensed facilities.  ITC operates Monday to Friday, with after hours support, and is under the direct management of our Director, Clinic Administration Services and ITC Team Leader.

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