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Below you will find 3rd party resources pertaining to sleep education, as well as our Community Newsletter “Snooze News”. We’ve included topics for anyone at any age! Have an article that you think should be featured? Send your requests to dana@accqcorp.com

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Sleep for all ages

Could a sleep lab benefit you? lagued by Insomnia? Spending the night being observed in a sleep lab can get to the root of the problem

Nearly half of Americans get less than recommended amount of sleep

Poor sleep tied to kids’ lower academic performance

Sleep disorders and sleep problems in childhood

Sleep critically affects childhood brain development

What parents need to know to get bedtime right

Children’s sleep at night could have implications for prevention and treatment of obesity

Bad sleep habits can hurt teens’ learning and health in later years

Along with the changes that occur as we get older, changes to our sleep patterns are a part of the normal aging process

Over a typical lifespan, the amount of time we spend each day sleeping declines

Older adults who have too much, too little or restless sleep have an increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease

A lack of deep restorative sleep in older people significantly contributes to memory loss.

Sleep for Work
Working night shifts ‘sends body into chaos’ and could cause lasting damage to health

Why do we work ourselves to death?

The sad reality about sleep in the transportation industry

The power of a good night’s sleep

Sleep for Athletes
Toronto runner finishes Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc

New findings show better sleep linked to improved physical performance

Many of the world’s greatest athletes eat, sleep, breathe and live for their sport

How just an extra hour of rest can make you a better athlete.

Getting extra sleep over an extended period of time improves athletic performance.

What’s the difference between the best athletes in the world and the next best?

Post-exercise recovery and regeneration (PERR) is as important as the training regimen.

Weight Management and Sleep

Exercise could curb junk food cravings linked to lack of sleep: study 

Eating the right foods in the hours before you go to bed may help you fall asleep faster

A bad night’s sleep can lead to unhealthy food choices

Sleep and Health Issues
Is it safe to use drugs to help you sleep? Are we as Canadians addicted to sleeping pills?

Military personnel with insomnia at higher risk of mental disorders after deployment

How the timing of sleeping—and of eating—can affect weight

Changing the way we speak about insomnia

Adults should aim for seven to nine hours of sleep each night

Claire Danes: Husband Hugh Dancy helped her realize she needed less therapy and more sleep

Sleep provides us with the nourishment we need to live our lives to the fullest

Children with autism who suffer from sleep disturbances show increased autistic-like symptoms

Improving sleep may be a critical part of prevention

How to live well with obstructive sleep apnea

Obese adolescents not getting enough sleep?

Sleep can affect your blood sugar levels and your blood glucose control can also affect your sleep, which results in trouble sleeping

If you can’t stay awake during the day, it’s a good bet you’re sleep-deprived.

People who consistently get too little sleep face bigger concerns than daytime fatigue and crankiness

Sleep apnea can worsen blood sugar control in people with Type 2 Diabetes by disrupting the deepest stage of sleep, a new study suggests

Adults with type 2 diabetes are even more likely to have a sleep disorder.

Sleep Tips

why you can’t sleep and how to fix them

Not getting enough sleep can have big-time negative effects on health

Why can’t I sleep? Six common reasons you can fix

6 steps to becoming a morning person

8 Habits of extremely well-rested people

A regular bedtime can make for a better-behaved child

Sleep deprivation can wreak havoc on your decision-making and productivity

Use your senses to create the best environment for sleep

Sleep secrets to a longer lasting, deeper rest

Are you ready for a good night sleep?

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