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Types of Sleep Studies

What is a Sleep Study?

Sleep studies are performed in a private room by highly trained and qualified sleep technologists.

Sleep studies are designed to investigate a wide variety of symptoms and sleep disorders. Sleep studies involve the analysis of your sleep patterns by recording the activity of your brain, eyes, heart, lungs and muscles while you are asleep.

Before getting started, your technologist will review the process for applying all monitoring equipment. All monitoring is performed by placing small sensors on the surface of your skin. While it may take a few minutes to get used to the equipment, there is very minimal discomfort throughout the process.

If you do however experience any discomfort, our team will work with you to ensure you are comfortable. If you have questions about the monitoring equipment, do not hesitate to ask your technologist.

What is a diagnostic sleep study?

A diagnostic polysomnography sleep study is a procedure done to investigate the underlying cause of your sleep disorder. This is normally the first study completed at the sleep lab and is most commonly conducted overnight.

We are able to perform your study at any time of the day depending on your normal sleep-wake cycle or as a request from the referring physician.

What is a therapeutic sleep study?

A therapeutic sleep study is a polysomnography sleep study done to investigate the effectiveness a therapy has on the quality of your sleep. This study is normally performed after the diagnostic study and a consultation with the sleep physician. During the study, the technologist applies all the same monitors that are used during the therapeutic sleep study. The most common form therapy used is a positive airway pressure study.

During this study, the technologist applies all the same monitors as during the PSG study as well as the positive airway therapy. While they are monitoring your sleep, they adjust the level of positive airway pressure to find the prescription that best suits your needs. This is called a titration study. Following this study, the physician is able to prescribe the ideal pressure for your needs.

What is a re-titration study and why would I need it?

A re-titratiton study is performed in the sleep lab and is used when patients have had a return in their symptoms following successful CPAP therapy for a period of time.

OHIP funds a re-titration study every two years. At our lab, you will only conduct a re-titration study if it is clinically required.

Other types of therapeutic studies include:

Oral appliances, weight management, positional therapy and post-surgical studies.

We recommend that you continue to assess the effectiveness of your CPAP therapy and if you have a return in your symptoms of have had any significant changes in your health, please contact our lab or your CPAP equipment provider.

It is not uncommon for your prescription to change over the years.

Some common reasons why someone would want a re-assessment study include:

  • Changes in your weight (increase or decrease)
  • Changes in your lifestyle (smoking, alcohol intake, stress levels)
  • Changes in your medication which may impact your sleep
  • Surgical procedures which may have an affect on your therapy
  • A return in any of your symptoms (example: increased fatigue or daytime sleepiness, worsening snoring or apnea events, increased difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep)
  • If you would like to be re-assessed, please contact us and a member of our healthcare team can answer your questions or schedule an appointment for you to see the Sleep Medicine Specialist.

What is a daytime sleep study?

We conduct two different types of sleep studies at our facilities:
Multiple Sleep Latency or Maintenance of Wakefulness Test
These studies are requested by your Sleep Medicine Specialist to assist in the diagnosis of certain sleep disorders or to determine the extent of your daytime sleepiness.

Typically these studies are completed following an overnight study. If you have been scheduled for a Multiple Sleep Latency (MSLT) or Maintenance of Wakefulness Test (MWT) will be provided with special instruction at the time of booking.

Please contact our office if you have any questions.


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